Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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....so to compensate for all my odd dining chairs....i went on a blitz yesterday and covered my 10 odd cushions in the same fabric!!! Using the remainder of the curtain fabric of curtains I finally hemmed for the lounge window!!

Oh and then in my "do it yourself decorator" frenzy....i had hemmed some blue and white bargain curtains in our bedroom which looked pretty groovy. After 18 months I finally had a vision about the feature wall in our bedroom....we painted the whole place white when we moved in and had even left the masking tape on the floor of this wall knowing it would be painted...but what colour??....I told Marcel yesterday I had finally decided on a colour...so he sent me to the paintshop and said he would paint it that afternoon. And it looks so wonderful..orange...yep...orange..bright orange..really bright orange!!...and it looks great!!!Who knows if we can sleep in the room..we slept on the sofa last night as it still smelt a bit...hubby will think it is great if i don't sleep much!!!!.......will post photos soon!!


Alice said...

Not sure if the blog site can cope with that shade of orange. Doesn't it remind you of our original kitchen cupboards? Oh dear, now you hate the wall, don't you? Just kidding. It does look good but just as well it's behind your head otherwise it might keep you awake.

Jane said...

Thanks for your comment about my quilt.

I love your blog photo!

kath red said...

doesn't it feel great to finish projects - good luck with the orange wall. we have mainly white wall with a startling contrast of 2 red walls in the lounge - love them too.

button said...

Oh orange :) that would b fun and different for a bedroom :D ... I love your idea for the 'grafitti' in the kitchen .. v. funny :)