Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finished Finished Finished!!! is around 4.00am I have just printed off my final essay for this semester!! No I haven't been up the whole time. I did go to bed pretty early and woke up around 2.30am wanting to finish the last essay. That leaves me the weekend for the kids and the Market on Sunday. It also means I have about 10 weeks off as we are off overseas for six weeks at the end of the month. We are all very very excited!! I will miss a couple of weeks next semester but have already made arrangements to catch up!
Of course I am already forming a list of projects to complete and start in the time before we leave. One Of them should be to clean and sort out the house. People ask me how I study with three children. I always say 'something has to give and it is the house!!!' Still I feel a greater sense of accomplishment making something creative than having the washing all done and clean floors!

At least I will be able to do more of the cooking and not rely on the kids to cook. Mind you they are pretty talented!!!!!!!!!

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kath red said...

oh are you going back to switzerland for holidays - lucky you. i totally agree with you on the housework - i try and do 15 mins each day catch up and then do an hour on the weekend - its still not enough but with little ones i don't thing anything would be enough!