Sunday, June 12, 2005

happy birthday

Lots of things happened this week...highlight was Zoe turning 6!! We had a wonderful family day celebrating her birthday. She wasn't fussed about having a party so we had a whole day designed by her. We went ten pin bowling, which was so much fun for everyone!! to the toy shop to choose her presents and then to the bakery to choose the biggest chocolate mud cake which we had for lunch!! She also requested her favourite dinner of spaghetti with prawn sauce...followed by more cake!!...and more cake for breakfast the next day!!!

We have only realised a website we started when she was born is still active...zoe.

...other things this week.....involved lots of cleaning and throwing crap out!! Oh it felt so good getting rid of stuff. Hence photo of my sewing area...I can see the floor!!...i made some more bags and love this orange one!!...shay got creative with scarves i had made and together we made a beautiful butterfly pillow for one of her preschool friends who is very very ill at the moment......luca showed us his artistic talents as a painter!!!It turned into a fantastic colurful canvas that he then went on and mixed all the colours together resulting in brown!!!

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