Monday, July 25, 2005

Holiday Update

Thought I would put a quick list together of what we have been doing and maybe I will be more detailed later.

*Had a wonderful night in Zurich with 5 other friends, shopping, great dinner, lots of drinks, funky hotel and not one of our 12 children in sight!!!!

*Week in Austria. Way too much food...great time in the mountains...lovely walks...lots of sleep and relaxing! Nice to spend time with marcels parents.

*Trips to the zoo. Great to be with another friend also with 3 kids the same age!

*Back to my beloved Paint Pots for a little party. Fantastic for the kids to be all creative again!!

* kids spending time with their Swiss and American/Swiss cousins which is nice.

* Fantastic summer sales and getting some really good bargains!!

* Marcel and i are off to Italy on our own for 2 nights tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Very impressed with myself that I can still drive on the other side of the road!!

*Loving seeing so many of our wonderful friends and it feeling like we just saw them last week!!!

* Continuing to eat lots of great food and drink great wine!

* Amazed at how fast the days are flying by!!!

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K.S. said...

It was great to see you and your family again! Thanks for inspiring me to start my own if we can only get Martha and Melissa to get one going!

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