Friday, July 08, 2005

summer weather??**!!

..did i say it was great weather?? More like all four seasons in one day...a lot like Melbourne from what i remember....although now it is cold and rainy. We are off to Austria for a week tomorrow and really looking forward to a week in a hotel in the mountains and lots of good food!! Still enjoying catching up with friends and family and yesterday i felt very accomplished driving again on the otherside of the road and sitting in the otherside of the car..and it was a manual..a tough task for someone like me who is so crap with her left and right!!! The kids are doing really well with their German and Luca is learning lots of new words and I am even surprised that i can talk so much German. Off to a birthday party today that was to be in the garden but how much fun will 20 kids in a small apartment be anyway!!

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