Saturday, July 02, 2005

we are here!!!

A friend said to me "flights with children are like giving is long, painful and tiring and at the end you swear you will never do it again...yet you do!!"
Actually it was OK...just long and the only one with little sleep was me. Still we are here and enjoying summer weather and seeing my lovely friends!! Must go and eat a home cooked meal....and some more wine!!


Alice said...

I'm hungry. Did Berta cook enough for us too? Glad you are enjoying the summer; we are certainly enjoying the winter. All the traders at the Farmers Market this morning were smiling. They didn't even mind having to dig the potatoes by hand because it was too wet to use mechanical diggers. We have had 120mm over three weeks and I think every drop has soaked into the ground. Definite green look about the paddocks now. You may have heard about the floods at Lismore and the Gold Coast? Falls of 600mm in 24 hours up there. Pacific Fair shopping Centre has been closed and many high rise buildings have water in their basements. Lots of other areas around NSW have had 150mm and more.

kath red said...

ah warm weather. must be good to see friends and family again. keep posting.

Kirby kid said...

Ahhh, summer! Such a distant memory, especially as I have just played hockey in the freezing cold!
But, gee - it is sooooooo nice to come 'home' to a nice warm house!!
Hope you are having lots of fun!