Friday, August 12, 2005

Being Daddy

Luca woke with a huge poo that required he and I to get in the shower.....hence we are both now wide awake and it is only 5.50am!! Kasia had written a great post called "Mummy doesn't work"..which of course had me thinking. Especially after a lovely long 6 six week holiday and to come back a try and get into a routine again with the kids as well as get all the other work done. I have always said that if I could get some hired help, it would be someone to 'pick up after us'. Don't know what her job title would be.... "Picking up all our Crap Lady!" Anyway if I had one of those people in my life, it would be so great!!
A couple of years ago when I only had two kids I spent a day being Daddy!! I even wrote about our day and had it published in our local ChildbirthTrust newsletter. I don't have a copy of it now but will try and rewrite it as it happened.

This morning I slept in until the kids woke up and when they did wake,i had them jump in my bed and we chatted and played and jumped on the bed. We got ourselves dressed and I let the kids choose what they wanted to wear, it didn't matter that the clothes 'didn't go' or that some of them were dirty from yesterday. The kids were happy! We went and had breakfast which i let them choose. Cereal and some lollies for after!! I threw all the dishes in the sink to add to the ones that were still there from last night. We played some more and emptied most of the toys all over the floor. We went to the park and played on the swings and slide. "Daddy always lets us go higher!". So I let them too. They slid down the slide in all sorts of dangerous positions..and it was so much fun. We bought some lunch on the way home at the bakery. I let the kids choose and we all had chocolate croissants and jam cookies for lunch. The cups and plates I used were thrown on top of those from breakfast and dinner the night before. We watched a movie then and I sat with them and watched the whole movie too. We then went for a drive to the hardware store (I needed some things here not because it was a 'daddy store') and the three of us climbed onto a trolley and scooted ourselves around the shop laughing and squealing. We came home and played some more and when the real daddy came home from work,he wasn't greeted with his usual squeals of "daddy" and tight hugs around his legs, we were too busy playing!! I said "let's go out for dinner" we went to a child friendly restaurant and the kids ate and played. We carried them sleeping from the car to bed leaving them in their clothes.
I had a really wonderful day with the kids. I didn't speak to anyone on the phone, didn't turn the computer on, didn't even think of putting some clothes on to wash, the dishes stayed in the sink and the toys were left all over the floor ready to play with tomorrow!
I told my husband of my wonderful day. He said the real test will be in the morning when the kids wake up and if they still called out for "daddy" as they both did every morning whether he was there or not.
The next morning the kids woke up and yelled "MUMMY"!!


kath red said...

sounds like a fun day. i think i am the fun one though as well as the work horse. while 'daddy' is vague, he does do breakfast but not dishes.

re. wheat bags. sew a square (or any shape) of medium weight cotton (quite sturdy as it gets a fair amount of wear and tear) - leaving a hole and fill it 3/4 full with whole wheat grains - which you can buy at pet stores, you can also put lavender in there too, and sew it up. heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 mins depending on how big the bags are.

are you going to the craft fair this weekend at natex?

suse said...

Hahahahaha, killing myself laughing! So, the next day were you mummy again, doing the washing, dishes, housework, cooking (as well as being fun of course).

Alice said...

Suse - ShellyC doesn't WASH dishes, she has a friendly machine to do it! Housework? Hmmmm. Cooking? She's great at that and so are her kids. Fun? She's always fun AND a wonderful MUMMY (or Daddy).

shellyC said...

Isn't my mum sweet!!!....Love her "mmmmnnn" comment about my housework...but hey somethings just have to give!!!!

Kali said...

Sounds great ~ always good to have special days like these!

simply kasia said...

THANK YOU for adding a link to my post! I loved your "Being daddy" story, especially the end of it :)