Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sooo Exciting!!!

So I did go to the Craft Fair today with my Mum and dear sister who is freezing her bum off, as she is down for the weekend from Townsville. While there and looking at some amazing crafts and so much stuff to buy etc etc....I was so blown away to see a complete stranger wearing one of my bags!!!! Now I have seen friends using them but never one of my bags out and about!!! I thought people might just buy them on a whim and then throw them to the bottom of the cupboard. Anyway some amazing quilts were there..some real works of art. All I walked away with was a $5 stamp!!

Sister is down as we had a surprise 30th Birthday party for my little brother. He looked really surprised anyway and had a great time catching up with lots of friends he hadn't seen for ages/years.

I am going to make myself some tea and get into bed really early in the hope of keeping this trumpeting sore throat I have at bay! Hubby leaves early tomorrow for 4 days so I really would like to be feeling rather well when it is just me and the kids. photos still as we have a new computer and still sorting stuff from one computer to the other and with Mr technical away for a few days it will happen later.


kath red said...

aha, you did go. i love the quilts and the shop in the quilts area was full of goodies.

very exciting about your bag

will email you with fete details too.

Kali said...

I cannot imagine how it felt to see your bag ~ how awesome!