Wednesday, August 17, 2005

...just as the fridge was bare!!!.... weekly delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables turns up!! The Country Greengrocer as he calls himself is just fantastic!! I receive my weekly box of delicious goodies and the kids always love looking through to see what is new. i could order specific things but I am too lazy for that and only stipulate "no brussel sprouts". It is always fresh, lasts for ages and saves me the effort to get to the produce markets or the dissapointment at the quality of the large supermarkets. So what looked like another night of pasta and some kind of sauce turned into a bit of an Asian feast of noodles with mushrooms, green beans, capsicum, asian greens, broccoli, garlic & corriander. Followed by strawberries, bananas, mandarines, kiwi fruit and passionfruit....chosen by the kids!!


Alice said...

So why did I have to eat at your place LAST night?

Kali said...

What a lovely thing to have ~ The Country Greengrocer sounds just like who I would love to have come around weekly!