Monday, September 26, 2005

All about food

Seems to have been a weekend about food. My sister talked about her bungled cookies using my 'famous' recipe!! Kath posted a fantastic recipe for pea fritters and pics of fabulous food she cooked. On Thursday I baked Yarnstorm's fantastic Rock Buns (although I call them Rock Cakes) if you haven't baked them then do it!!! They are so yummy!! I followed the recipe exactly although instead of Glace Cherries (because I hate them) i added dried Cranberries. These cakes taste even better 2 or 3 days old!!! But I wont be making them for quite awhile as i ate most of them with lots of cups of milky chai!!
Food on the weekend here always involves lots of discussions between Marcel and I.."what do we want to have tonight?" "What do we need to buy?" "What wine should we have with it?". On Saturday we decided to BBQ and have what we call a "Fleisch Fescht" ie. Big Fat Juicy Steak!! Marcel checked the BBQ around 4pm and noticed that the plate thingy where the gas gets distributed had corroded away. So he raced to the BBQ shop to get a new one and of course as our BBQ came from overseas they didn't have a replacement but could order one in,about $70. So in true form....Marcel came home with a new BBQ!!! A cheaper one than we had and without the hood. But better!

I tell you after he and the kids put it together we had a really wonderful dinner!! As the hot plates on the new bbq are cast iron it tastes so much better. We enjoyed Steak, grilled asparagus, cous cous salad and tomato salad. Of course on Sunday night we had to use it again and we all enjoyed grilled vegetables, pasta with pesto (left over from lunch) and a huge South African sausages that is about 1 meter long!! They are called Buewerwurst(spelling?), are really great and made locally by an expat Sth African who sends us an e.mail when he is goingto make a big batch and we can order some. Oh and we shared the sausage...not that we each had one. Though from the next picture you might get the impression that we do really really big serves of food at our house...but we don't!! This was taken last weekend......yummy roast lamb.


Alice said...

Luca - you didn't leave any for Grandma!!

kath red said...

haha i loved it when you said he came home with a new bbq. sounds divine - the weekend weather was perfect bbq weather. those sausages sound divine.

Kali said...

Yummm ~ great photo's too.

Jane said...

Great-looking rock buns/cakes, I have to say! So pleased you enjoyed making and eating them. If ever any get left over here I really enjoy them with a cup of tea a couple of days on, too. You have great taste!