Saturday, September 24, 2005

My daughters' determination

This week each of my young daughters have shown their determination to want to do something even at my insistence "it wouldn't be fun" or "you will be bored". On Thursday, Shay(4) refused to spend an hour and a half at grandma's, while I went to a lecture at the University. So I let her come along...Armed with pencils and a colouring book and instructions that she had to be really quiet and sit still for the "same time that it would be if you watch two shows of Playschool one after the other" hour!!! Shay was good and quiet and when we were leaving and I asked how it was "BORING!!!! time I am going to grandma's!!!".

Then this morning Zoe(6) insisted that she wanted to come with me on my walk. Now I have made it my new get fit campaign to go for a 40 minute power walk as many mornings as i can. Telling her it was a long way, probably boring and would make her tired didn't deter her and so she rode her scooter along with me. Towards the end she was getting tired and struggling but was determined to make it...and she did!! When I asked her "how was the walk?"....she said "it was good but I don't want to go tomorrow..maybe the next day."

I do love this about my kids......determination!!! Wonder where they get it from!!


Alice said...

So thrilled that I rate just above a boring hour at Uni. Love her to bits.

suburbansider said...

So cute!!! I love it when kids have a bit of 'attitude', but not too much!