Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

I took this photo the other day... laughing to myself at my "temporary" wedding ring!! It is a ring I used to wear on another finger and when we decided to get married (over 9 years ago!!!)...I said to my husband we could just use this ring for the ceremony in Australia and that when we moved to Switzerland a few weeks later I would get one there. Gold, diamonds, tasteful, understated and expensive!!!! So after living there for 7 and a half years....I still have my temporary one!!! I guess that is just me!!

Anyway that finger is really sore today after a sewing machine needle went right through the tip of it yesterday!! After all my years of sewing I have never had that happen. It was pretty horrible as the needle broke in my finger and the cotton was still attached. Shay was so wonderful, getting me tweezers to get it out, tissues and helping put a bandaid on. Zoe sat crying on the sofa at the thought of it. She would wince all night when someone mentioned 'finger'!!!

Had lovely morning yesterday meeting up with Kath and the gorgeous Orlando. Fantastic to put a person to all the wonderful creations she makes.

And as Alice mentioned my darling little sister is flying off to the other side of the world for 10 months. I really wish her all the very best, not just with her hockey but all else that she will experience, see and learn!! I shed a few tears when saying Goodbye....It was usually me doing the leaving before!!


Samantha said...

I am feeling faint at the thought of your accident with the sewing machine. Nasty. I once (with the aid of a compressor) put a staple in my finger that I could only pull out with pliers. I had to have a lie down and a cup of sweet tea!

la vie en rose said...

What a great story about your wedding ring. I love hearing that story. As for the other story...well, I'm whincing right along with Zoe. OW!

Calidore said...

Know the feeling with the sewing machine needle. I did it once - my boyfriend, now husband, said you'll be right when I let out a yell and went back to his mechanicing with his engine. Such a lot of sympathy. How nice you children gave you lots of help and sympathy.