Friday, September 16, 2005

What I am up to.

What I am up to.....or wish i was!!

* Playing and loving our two little rabbits. Quite sure both are boys and have been named Fidgit and Rosie!!! Rosie might have his name changed to Rabby as we all talk of Rosie as a girl!! Shay(pictured with Rosie/Rabby) is really wonderful with them and even loved cleaning out the hutch!!

* Sewing 50 little rosettes out of school uniform fabric for the school fete...tomorrow!!

* Assignment for Uni...due Tuesday!!

* Trying to find my machine under all the mess!!

* Signing up for a Screen Printing course

* So many new ideas for my bags....i wish had someone to sew my ideas.

* Framed photos that really need hanging up...after the wall they are to hang on has been or orange...well i have the paint already!!

* A garden bursting with new life and waiting to be tended and packets of seeds needing to be planted.

* Jigsaw puzzles to be finsihed!

* General day to day stuff that seems to fill my day and leave me little time for the other things I REALLY need to do!!

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Alice said...

You know I'm always ready for Point 6.