Thursday, September 01, 2005

And it was a school day!!!!

It was a very cold, rainy, windy and stormy morning yesterday!!! Perfefct weather for sleeping we did!!! Zoe didn't wake up until 9.00am - although a little upset at first when i told her school had started and that I would take her, she decided to stay home too. Shay had seen the weather before and was more than happy to get in bed with me and read stories rather than go to Preschool. Eventually we all got up and all made yummy French toast, then got out the Craft Box and made a huge fun mess and stayed in our PJ's all day!!!! It was a great day. And Yes I will write to the teachers and tell them exactly what we did!


Alice said...

Probably Miss F. would have liked to join you.

Kirby kid said...

Probably she would have!
Sounds like it was a lovely day - despite - or even because of - the weather :D
Looking forward to seeing the albums... although I don't think I ever got around to writing in one!