Monday, September 05, 2005

bags and a quilt!!

Thought I would finally put some photos up of the bags I try and sell at a market. I still need loads of practice with taking photos of things up close and indoors.
A floral tote...lined, with a pocket.

This is the fabric to make a patchwork quilt for our very big bed! All very exciting...thing is i am not going to make it. My very very talented sister (who should have a blog!!) is going to create something wonderful for us. As I told her "you know what i like, so i will leave it up to you". The fabric is actually an old duvet cover and the base of a valance and the white is a damask table clth I picked up for $2.00!!!!

An Amy Butler 'Chelsea Bag' though not her fabric....thought I would try it out on something cheaper first!!

One of my beaded totes!!
So.....i will now try to improve on my photos..and get my act together and finish so many of my unfinished projects...and start so many of the not even started ones!!!


Anonymous said...

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Come see it if you get time.

Alice said...

I think you need to join the rest of us and go 'anti-anonymous', unless you like ceiling fans, of course!!!!

Rachael said...

I'm not into ceiling fans either, but I love your bags! The Chelsea bag was one of the first AB patterns I bought, but I haven't made it yet, might though, it looks really good! What interfacing did you use?

Kali said...

I love all these hand~made totes, and have a stash of vintage material that is just begging to be lovingly created into something snazzy like these wonderful bags of yours!