Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Undies and Chocolates

I took a photo of the contents of a parcel that arrived from my Swiss Mother-in-Law recently. As usual laden with chocolate.....I think she thinks we are not eating properly if we don't have a ready supply of chocolate...and of course it has to be Swiss!! Contained in the package were two pairs of undies for my Husband. Well I certainly was peeved that she thought I couldn't even buy undies for her son and she had to send them over. Then I got really peeved when I saw one pair were BONDS....I mean what was she thinking buying BONDS undies in Switzerland and sending them to Australia when they COME from Australia!!! As soon as her dear Son arrived home I went on about how silly his Mother is thinking that I can't even buy him undies etc!!! On closer inspection he revealed that the BONDS undies were in fact his undies that were left at her place on our last holiday!!! Ones I had bought ages ago!!! The other pair are not marcel's and obviously not my father-in-laws...which means they must be her Son-in-laws and should therefore have been sent amongst another package of chocolate to New York to her daughter!!!! I have no problems with undies in our supply of dear Mother-in-law is the queen of washing and would have boil washed them before sending!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else ever had the stupid idea to "catalogue" their fabric stash?????? People have been requesting bags and wanting fabrics I no longer had. So I thought I would cut samples and stick them in a folder and people could choose from these.........remembering these are only fabrics to be used for bags...I have loads more for "other projects".....well it is embarrassing how much fabric I have!!! Just plain embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suse said...

ha ha, I love the idea of your mother in law boiling, washing and posting her son's undies.

Re your question on my blog (thanks for your comments!), if you go to the bottom of my site, among all the stupid annoying lines that I can't get rid of, is a free site meter. You just sign up and they send you your stats each Monday. You can also visit the site any time and check if you can't wait until Monday. Have fun!

Alice said...

Ha, ha, ha, on both accounts.

Your husband is big enough to buy his own undies, and of course you should be embarrassed by the amount of material you have. IT GOES WITH THE TERRITORY. Every other sewing craftsperson has way too much fabric. Even your Auntie A. who always made up fabric as soon as she bought it, has now gotten over that and is as bad as the rest of us!

kath red said...

i know what you mean about mothers and their sons, my mother in law doesn't think he will remember birthdays etc so she sends down a birthday present for me with wrapping paper and a blank card - very frustrating.

Kirby kid said...

That's funny. I can't imagine MY mum sending boiled undies to any of my brothers, or buying them either (not anymore anyway) and I can't imagine your mum doing that for Russell either (well, I hope she wouldn't!!)

jill said...

No, you are not the only one to catalog fabric stashes. I used to carry a small photo album in my bag with snippits of every piece in my immense colletion. Of course, I was trying to find more pieces to make the youngest dd's wardrobe completely mix and match. lol. Love your blog.