Friday, October 21, 2005

Do I dare??

It is Friday morning....looks like it could be a lovely day and the expexted thunderstorm could hit this evening. I have no appointments, no plans, no play dates, I am not watching anyone else's children (only two of my own). So with the thought of a whole day to potter...DO I DARE WRITE A LIST???? I am not big on lists at all. If i write one I usually misplace it anyway....though one in blogland would always be here to remind me!!

Maybe I could have two list..The Probable and The Impossible!

List # 1.
Make all beds. Hang out washing. Fold huge pile of washing that has moved three times from my bed to floor and back again. Sort kids cupboards. Wash 3 windows as blinds are being fitted on Monday. Start and finish final Uni assignment. Weed garden. Turn soil in Vegie garden. Clear crap from garden. Make up the 4 bag orders I have. Make a few more bags for bag party next week. Repair two pairs of kids trousers. oh and look after the kids and i guess feed when hungry.

List # 2.
Hang out washing. Fold washing. Sew something and potter in the garden with the kids.

I'll let you know which list I adhere to.


kath red said...

mmmmm... i am betting for list no.2 but good luck if you are going for no.1

jellyhead said...


dear me, that first list is just outright silly! Surely only the mythical Superwoman could do all that in 1 day with kids in tow. (Please don't tell me that is a routine sort of day for you or I will feel terribly inferior and have to re-think my whole existence)Hope you had a good day anyway!

Alice said...

It's okay, Jellyhead, I called around there after lunch and she was sitting at the table working off List 2, having completely ignored List 1. Have to admit it's a case of 'like mother, like daughter'.

judypatooote said...

Funny Post....I make lists too, but always loose them....I'm so proud when i finally finish a list...I'm not proud that