Tuesday, October 25, 2005

List No. 2

Of course I chose List # 2!!!!!!! Will post photos of the creation the kids and I started....Suffice to say that many birds that venture near our veggie garden will be really scared!!!!!

On a whim on Sunday, we went to a town near here and to a display village of environmentally friendly houses!!! With the idea of extending or knocking down and rebuilding.....we were very impressed with a great house. A phone call to the builder yesterday had him visit today and with good advice and ideas we are meeting with him and the architect of this house next week!!!!.....not sure of we can afford it at the moment...but we look forward to hearing ideas!!

SPT....have wanted to participate....just haven't been organised enough on Tuesdays...it is my Uni day!!..Looking forward to that finishing next week though.

Got a few orders for bags.....must get sewing!!!1


Suse said...

Hi Shelly, re your comment on my blog - thank you! We do love our house too, especially now it's so neat and clean and uncluttered so it looks enticing to prospective buyers. We are moving from inner city Melbourne, to outer bushy suburban outskirts of Melbourne. We have bought a mudbrick house on 1 acre, on top of a hill with amazing views. So it will be a real culture shock. But we are very excited, although sad to leave here after 10 years.

Good luck with final uni assignment. I've got two looming and then a long break until March. Can't wait.

judypatooote said...

You make bags and scarfs? Do you knit the scarfs? I am having a craft sale at a church nov. 4, and I made knit scarfs, and Christmas wreaths.....fun, fun, fun.....