Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I should be....

I sooooooooooo should be studying for my exam on Thursday.....and I am always in front of the computer.....be it lying on the sofa at the same time!!! Having to reread a lot of articles on-line.....is bad as I am catching up on all that is happening in blogworld!!! I look forward to next week where I can try to attempt to get some order to me, the house and the kids.....the husband....too much of an effort!!
In the last few days Luca has become the master of 15,25 and 30 piece jigsaw puzzles...he can work his way around the computer like I cannot believe and he was only 2 in June. Just when I think he is a genius he comes and wants to take my photo with a "StickleBrick" camera he has made...then he shows me where I can see the photo....mind you it is a fantastic camera as I always look so gorgeous!!! My kids and probably many more these days, see photography as an instant thing!!

Had the architect visit today to chat about ideas for an extension. We are pretty impressed with the idea of a "skybridge" as we call it, linking here to the new part. Have to see how much money it is all going to cost before we get really really serious.

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kath red said...

Hi Michelle,

I must know about that eco-village you visited recently, where was it?