Thursday, November 03, 2005

Domestic goddess!!!!

Kath this is for you so please do not feel bad!! This is all washed washing and has been at the foot of my bed for well over a week. If we wait long enough and wear all the stuff then it will have made its way back to the laundry basket and I can again see my floor!!! Suse you can come and visit me anytime!!!! I wouldn't care if it wasn't folded in graduated order!!!


kath red said...

aaagh, its too scary, what the hell am i doing commenting at 11.30pm? just enjoying some solitude with a big weekend ahead. the washing the washing. it goes from bed to basket to dresser back to bed, gets folded and then goes into basket, gets rummaged through and needs to be refolded.

Suse said...

I'm on my way!!!

Good luck with exam (last Thursday? next Thursday?). I have two essays due in on Monday and Wednesday, and then I'm free until March 2006. Oh, the relief I will feel.

kath red said...

i meant to say that i didn't get to the eco village, i told rob about it and well - he wasn't so keen , so i will have to make my own way out there. probably take a friend. and regarding the good vintage fabric places - i will tell you all when i see you next.