Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Update!!

I am the person you ask "How are you going with your Christmas preparations?"...if you want to make yourself feel better about not being as prepared as you usually are!!

My daughter asks everyday "how many days til Christmas?"...we don't have an advent calendar as I never got around to it. However I already know the kind I WILL make for next year.

I haven't bought any presents yet. I thrive on the mad rush with everyone else on the last days. Hubby doesn't want anything....we usually by ourselves something big or electrical and call it a Christmas present! Zoe wrote to Santa and said she wanted new textas (felt pens) that was all. Shay has no idea what she wants and Luca doesn't know what Christmas is anyway. We have paid for a Trampoline with an enclosure however the shop has none left and looks like it wont be in until after Christmas.

We don't have a tree up. Though after the early death of the real one last year we will be purchasing a fake one!!....sometime!!

The only lights hanging are some $2.00 santa lights in the kitchen. Wont be hanging any outside as I don't want to draw attention to my house. There are three houses on my street competing with each other to see who will get the biggest electricity bill!!! There are plenty of cars driving around our street to view these lights. I just couldn't compete so will stick with the Santas.

I haven't sent any cards. Even if i did start writing them, most of our friends and family are overseas and so wont get them until after christmas anyway. At least they would be early for next year!!

Thankfully the girls have recieved loads of cards so that when I eventually hang them all up it will look like we (hubby and I) have loads of friends!!

I have delegated Christmas lunch to be at Mums and that we all bring something!! I think I will make a glazed ham. I have never made one and don't really like ham but thought I would make it for everyone else.....no of course I haven't bought or even ordered the ham yet!

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy Christmas.....I am just not good at it!!! It will be fun on the day and the kids will have a great time and get lots of things they didn't know they wanted.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


kath red said...

hi michelle,
loved this post, you are a star. glad to see not everyone is in a christmas buying frenzy.

we have a stick in a pot of sand with a few handmade baubles hanging on it, no lights. we do have the advent calender but it seems to have lost its interest. no christmas cooking as we are going away. I have all my shopping done though - i have only bought a few pressies for the kids as rob and i got new berkenstocks each for christmas.

have a merry christmas and defintely catch up in the new year.

judypatooote said...

Shopping I'm done, only because since I turned 65 I can now give money....isn't that what all old people do, give money....easiest thing to do....lol hohoho....and i'm having dinner at my house and my girls decided they wanted a Tony Packo Christmas dinner....have you heard of Tony Packos....Mash was a tv show, and Jamie Farr is from Toledo, and made Tony Packo famous.....lots of famous stars signed hot dog buns there and they are hanging on the wall.....well I think this is a different kind of Christmas, but this year it can be.....