Monday, December 12, 2005


no time to write now.....will post later.

back again... Years ago, I worked for a very very wealthy man who owned Florists shops in many of Australias capital cities. He used to always say that it was the cheap bunches that we called "door bunches" (because we would put them near the door) that would pay the wages for the staff!! I decided that by making a few (15) of these cheap purses to sell on my market stall, that they would pay for my stall etc....great in theory....I did two stalls that weekend and didn't sell a one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I think I am over the whole market thing now anyway! It was like it was something I had to do and get it out of my system. Maybe I would be feeling different if I was making loads of money but then again I would have to be making more and more things and that would take time..time...time! I did enjoy the markets on a nice day and sitting with my friends (we eventually were 5 on a triple stall we wangled for a good price!!) and not having kids around and drinking coffee and chatting. My best friend of the five is heading to Darwin next week and I feel I want to take a break from sewing for the markets. I have been doing far better through orders and that is fine. Sewing something that someone wants rather than sewing something in the hope that someone wants it!! And the last market I did i was on my own and it was such a lovely day and all I wanted to do was be somewhere with my kids!!

The other day I just delivered 15 bags that had been ordered and were made...and I stupidly didn't take any photos...I was just happy to get them out of the house!! But there were some lovely ones, plastic covered (thanks Kath for the tips and the help of my new Teflon foot), beach bags, totes and a hat amongst the orders.


jellyhead said...

Very cute and funky!

judypatooote said...

Just getting around to reading this post.....I find that what you think will go over big at your sale doesn't, and what you think won't will.....that has been my experience.......I made little tote bags, and sewed on barbie clothes (from the $ store) and I thought they would be grabbed up by every grandma, but they weren't. And I sold them for $6.00 american money.....even went down to $4.00 as day went on.....All that you do to prepare and the work that goes into project to sell, sometimes just isn't worth it.....You have to have JUST the right daughter made clay leaves, painted them they were beautiful, and see sold everyone of them at the same sale that I was trying to sell my totes..