Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Wishes

Belated wishes to you all and I hope you all had a wonderful time doing whatever is special to you and those close to you.

We had a wonderful few days and enjoyed spending the time with many special people.
In short a few things about Christmas with us.
*Thankfully Santa knows we have rabbits and so didn't give ALL the carrots to the Reindeer.
*A "clever" idea from hubby last year to quash Zoe's doubts about Santa has turned into a tradition!! Leaving flour on the floor at the door so we can see Santa's footprints!! We never learn to clean it up before it is all over the house!!!
*Our dishwasher broke down on Christmas morning. Yes of course it was full of dirty dishes before we knew!! And it was full of water!!
*Santa brought the wrong "Casper the ghost" movie!! But this one is OK!!
*I cooked a Glazed Ham that morning to take to Mums and Marcel and I thought it was awful and wouldn't eat it. Thankfully mum had a great turkey!!
*I co-ordinated an outfit to go with these shoes as I had never had occassion to wear them. They hurt so much I was barefoot for the whole day!!
*A packet of Jelly Babies has far more appeal and warrants many "thank you Santa"'s than a fancy Gold soccer ball!!

Don't get me wrong we all had a fantastic day, ate lots of great food and were all far too spoilt!! It just goes to show that normal everyday things still happen on Christmas Day!!


Calidore said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and if your Mum's photos are anything to go by - plenty of food. It still amazes me that kids can be happiest with the simpliest gifts than those that we have laboured for hours or spent dollars on.

PS Love the idea of the flour for Santa's footsteps - don't think I would love the mess it would make though.

judypatooote said...

Wow, I checked out your shoes an I can see why they hurt.....it's funny how styles change....back in my younger days we also wore those pointed shoes, and I can remember them off, more than on....lol Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS! and leave those shoes at home......