Monday, December 19, 2005

mixed stuff

A weekend at the beach to invigorate us all and enjoy spending time as a family. It is amazing how we can survive the weekend cramped in a small apartment - yet we are intent on extending our house to be huge! We survived with dinner and cutlery for 6 and no dishwasher- yet I would love more plates at home and a new dishwasher. Kids only had a few pencils and paper - yet I have bought them new and fancy ones for Christmas. I survived with one pair of shoes - yet own loads and loads! We each had one book to read - yet own so many we have yet to read. I know this is the beauty of holidays - yet it would be good to live more in holiday mode in our normal life!!

This is what you make a dear friend who is leaving us to move to the tropical north of Australia. This is for her to wear in the middle of winter in her pool (as is is still hot enough to be swimming) and she can think of us down south in our scarves and hats!! Her favourite colour is red.

Zoe being a big girl and playing in the (mini)surf!! Marcel and I have accepted the fact that while the kids are small we will have to frequent the "safe" beaches so the kids can play happily and safely. But we do look forward to later years where we can all body surf as a family.

"Oh Christmas Tree"....the kids and I put it up one afternoon after school and we are pretty pleased with it. These decorations are a few years old and are from Ikea. Obviously I allowed the girls to choose the pink and purple.....we bought all new plastic decorations at the time because where we were living was tiled floor and the kids being small and smashed baubles wasn't something i wanted to live through over Christmas.


jellyhead said...

A`weekend at the beach is just what you need in the crazy, 'silly season'. Glad you had fun.

Your photos look great. The Christmas tree looks very pretty, so you obviously didn't have TOO much of the chilled bottle whilst decorating!

Shell said...

The weekend at the beach sounds just lovely. I am certainly looking forward to a few camping trips after new years - I am craving the kind of r and r you just wrote about. I know what you mean about having so much stuff too - you make do with so little when you are on holidays and have such a good time, that it makes you wonder why we work so hard to get more? Kids looked like they had an absolute ball too. And the tree is very pretty! Merry Christmas!

judypatooote said...

Shelly, Merry Christmas to you and your family....Yesterday the chill factor was 15 to 17 degrees below in Toledo, so enjoy the sunshine, I would love to send you a snowball.....LOL

Sonia said...

Shelly, I wish to you and your family a Happy and Merry Christmas.
Have a New Year filled with peace and love!