Saturday, January 14, 2006

day with my girls!!

Firstly..I had a really lovely day with my daughters yesterday, while my son was @ daycare..I just have a few whinges!!

**$37.50 for 1 adult and 2 kids to see a movie is alot. I felt for the family behind with 5 kids!!! I understand why people wait for the DVD.

**$10.00 for a medium popcorn and a bottle of water!! Next time I will bring a garbage bag full of popcorn and 4 litres of water...for less!!

** I didn't feel anything for the guy who sat right next to me (cinema was not full at all...but I understand my being so gorgeous, he couldn't help himself). He asked me how long the movie Chicken Little went and said to his daughter "I'll have to go out and have a cigarette break half way through, but you will be OK"...and he did!!!

**$17.00 for two plates of "self-serve chinese" in the noisy food hall. Amazingly the food you could choose was all "enclosed" in batter or wantons and there wasn't much food in any of them!!

** Looking around at what people were eating was interesting and revolting!!

**$11.80 for the three of us to go swimming at an Indoor Pool (the weather looked like it was going to storm before)....didn't pay the extra for the slide..too crowded!

**$5.00 for 2 ice creams. Next time will buy a whole tub!!

**$6.00 for parking!!

Now as I said we had a great day but $87.00 is a lot of money!! Next Friday I will have a day with my daughters again and I look forward to writing about all the fun we will have for FREE.


Flossy said...

That WAS an expensive day! I can't get over the cost of going to the movies either. It's ridiculous. And yet it doesn't stop some people from going on a regular basis.
Maybe next week you could take the girls to a swimming hole in the country somewhere and have a picnic? That's what I usually do, as I'm not a beach person ( I hate sand sandwiches). That would only cost you the fuel. Anyway, I'm sure you'll find something lots of fun to do :)

Alice said...

It makes it just slightly easier to bear if you think of it as $29 per person.

Tanya said...

Suggestion for next Friday: Questacon, then picnic at Weston Park (do they still have the maze there?), then Pine Island for a swim. Okay, a bit of driving, but MUCH cheaper.

blair said...

Very funny. All that spending sneaks up on you on a day like that. I try to sell free things like the library, but I guess if I was my daughter I'd rather see a movie too. I mean, they don't have popcorn at the library.

Calidore said...

Ouch - expensive fun filled day. Like you I too would rather bring my own popcorn, water and tub of icecream and takeaway just isn't worth the dollars. Occassionally is fine, but who could afford that all the time. I hope next week is fun and a whole lot cheaper.

Kali said...

The price of going to the movies is the main reason we've cut back...ridiculous.
Still, glad you and your cuties had a nice day out together.

Suse said...

I took my two eldest to the cinema the other day and was SHOCKED at how much it cost, tickets, and a choc top each.

It is a very occasional treat in our household.

Wendy A said...

I don't go to the theater here. It is ridiculous. There is much better ways to spend $$$ with kids.