Tuesday, January 17, 2006

spt & a quilt

SPT for January...a bit of history. This is taken over 11 years ago in Christchurch New Zealand. Marcel and I had just met!! When I saw this skip with "Husband Construction" on it..I grabbed the mallet and had a reluctant Marcel pose for the photo. I was 24 at the time and we had only just met and I had absolutely no intentions of marrying anyone..ever! Funny how things turn out. I could have done with the mallet on a few occassions!!

This is a wet quilt hanging on the line!! Yes I know I should have washed the fabrics before, but typical me just couldn't wait to start it. There are two of them made with the same fabrics, one for each girl and I have made them different as the girls are so different. Zoe likes thinks ordered matching and Shay is more like me and doesn't need things matching and ordered. I am seriously planning on paying someone to machine quilt them...I might be able to get one done bbut know it would be an age before I finished two....that would be hand quilting as I have never done machine quilting. Though am about to have a go on a cushion cover I have just put together using leftovers from above quilts.


Flossy said...

Love the colours in the quilts! Have you ever made a raggy quilt? They are so easy and you quilt as you go - the worst bit is cutting everything out, but you can sew it up in a day - my kind of quilt!

Alice said...

Very pretty - the quilt, I mean. Okay, Marcel is a bit pretty too, and even pretty nice.

Do you have a photo of Shay's quilt? What about Luca, is he going to get one?