Monday, January 23, 2006

Last week I had a bit if a whinge about the expensive day i had with my girls and vowed to do have a great day doing freebee stuff. We dropped Luca off at Daycare and were getting ready to have a fun day redecorating the cubby house, when a friend rang to invite us to go swimming in the pool of their rental property complex. Now that was fun and her two girls and my two had a lovely time. We then went back to their place for a yummy bbq lunch and the girls all played and we chatted..the girls even stayed there for dinner and I did some jobs at home before picking Luca up. Now that really was a freebee day!!!

Weekend was spent....
**oiling our huge deck!! (me)
**Cleaning out under the house!! (marcel)
**decorating the cubby house!! (kids & me)
**evening at the pool with great live music!! (all 5) Hello Kath
**watching tennis (australian open)
**sunday lunch with all my family here
**two games of hockey in the heat (me and marcel)
**kids cooling off between games under the sprinklers
**very very long wait in the Emergency Dept. to get two stitches on the finger (marcel)


Calidore said...

Have to ask, what did Marcel to do warrant two stitches in his finger? Did he not like your cooking or
Hope he is feeling better - stitches in fingers are not nice - been there, done that!!

Flossy said...

Sounds like a fun and productive weekend. I'm guessing stitches from sport injury? Like a bash with a hockey stick (OW!!) Hope his finger is healing quickly :)

jellyhead said...

Your weekend sounds like a great blend of jobs and fun stuff.
Poor Marcel, and I suppose poor you, now! - because he'll have a valid excuse to avoid dishes, heavy lifting etc etc!

(PS I'm thrilled to bits that you have a teen memory of 'Hello'. I don't feel quite so silly now)

kath red said...

hello back

Wendy A said...

Sounds like an accomplished weekend. I guess Marcel was probably glad it finally ended.