Tuesday, January 24, 2006

sara's unfinished art

My sister Sara started this painting for me over a year ago!! She was about to bring some stuff over to my place and I (this is really true!!) thought to myself that I should ring her and see if she wanted to bring the painting over and I might be able to finish it. Anyway I didn't call her about it but I must have had an ESP feeling because a few minutes later she arrived with my stuff and said unfinished painting!!

This is a close up of it. I really like the colours she has chosen and mixed. I really wouldn't be able to finish it the same way as she has started..I am not that detailed or ordered!! So might look at it as a "Mr Squiggle" piece of art and I will finish what she has started. Not that I will turn it into something recognisable like Mr Squiggle did.....just something finished!!

PS. Sara left this morning for another six months to Holland so it wasn't like she was going to finish it anytime soon.

Oh and I finally finished that skirt I started!! "Finished?" I can hear Mum asking..."how finished?" . You see I have been known on many occasion (particularly in my teen years) to make something to wear that night and it wouldn't be hemmed or it would be pinned somewhere or a button missing etc etc....Well this one is totally finished...I just didn't finish off the inside seams...but no one will see them anyway!!!!!Which goes to show...old habits die hard!!! Oh and then with the rest I made a tote covered in PVC.....yes all finished...not a raw seam visible!!! And before you start to worry or those who know me wonder what has happened to me....do not worry...I will NEVER wear both at the same time!!! That really is not me to be matching and coordinated!!!


Duyvken said...

Great painting! I love the idea of having something in your home that you and your sister both made.

Alice said...

Oh dear, how will I ever cope with the embarrassment? You, wearing a skirt that doesn't have the seams neatened.

It's more than I can bear and I think I'll have to take to my bed ...(that's probably because it's after midnight!)

jellyhead said...

I like Sara's painting, too.

I am very relieved to hear you won't be wearing the skirt with the bag. Separately - very cute; together - that could look a little weird. Frankly, it could look a lot weird. (Not that looking weird has necessarily stopped ME before)

Have a lovely day!

kath red said...

i am sure you can do it -

Flossy said...

I wouldn't finish the inside seams either! They both look very cute anyway :)

Alice said...

Flossy - stop reinforcing Shelly's bad habits, pleeeaase? I'm sure they are too entrenched to do anything about anyway ...lol

nichola said...

Nice fabric, we need to see you wearing it though!