Saturday, January 07, 2006

Off Camping!!

Sometime today we are off to the coast camping with two other families!! Once we manage to load our stuff which looks like we must be packing for a large army rather than a small family of 5!!!! I am writing lots of lists (new to me!!) to ensure I only pack what is on the list and not throw in loads of "just in case" items!! Have borrowed another tent and the girls have happily (shay) and a little reluctantly (zoe but boosted by her younger sister!) agreed to sleep in a tent on their own!! We usually cram the 5 of us in one tent on two airbeds!! I am sure marcel and i will end up in a tent each with kids divided!!

Must go and do a final food shop.


jellyhead said...

Hope you have a great time camping! We'll await tales of your adventures when you return :)

Flossy said...

Have fun! I think you are very brave to take your kids camping LOL I would never take mine camping! I think they are having a deprived childhood.