Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I wonder if I list my resolutions publicly I will be more inspired to keep them past the normal 10th of January as is normal for me. Really I don't make many it always just seemed the right thing to do when starting a brand new diary.

However this year as the kids and I will be busy with school, I am endeavouring to spend our freetime with more playing and creating...just making our life more simple really....or slow! I think I like the idea of a slow life rather than simple.

That whole eating and cooking better foods will occur...although I am now known as the person who enjoys chocolate for breakfast AND gives it to her kids!! Though that was good food!!

Then there is trying new crafts as I have been so inspired by so many blogs! I want to make some gorgeous dolls too!!

Getting organised.....I usually put that in...but never achieve it so WONT be bothering with that one this year!!

Losing weight...I have never had to have that as a resolution before, always been lucky!! Up until January 2005 I had spent the past six and a half years (with only 4 months break) either pregnant or breastfeeding (I do have 3 kids)...and therefore eating all I wanted and more and still remaining my normal weight!! So for the past year I have been eating like a breastfeeding woman and have added a few kilos. So together hubby and I have started our own "The Biggest Loser".....by June 2006 whoever has lost the highest % gets a week holiday!! I WILL win as I want the holiday!!! What he has failed to think of....I COOK his meals!!! He might have to do a hell of a lot of bike riding!!

Anyway what ever your resolutions for 2006 I hope you can keep them....at least until February!!



jellyhead said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

Flossy said...

Hi Shelley, your mum sent me over - she said we sounded alike, and reading your blog, I'd have to agree! I make bags and hats too! As well as quilts and lots of other things. I'm about the most disorganised person on the planet (but planning and trying so hard to change that). Anyway, lovely to meet you and Happy new Year!

Heather said...

I want a week holiday! But I want it just because I am wonderful--I don't want to work for it! ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!