Sunday, February 26, 2006

A bit of knitting!!

These are what I knitted during the Australian Open Tennis (yes I know back in Jan.)...pot holders!! I used various cottons to achieve that chunky look and help when lifting hot pots and trays. I am sure it wont be long before they are scorched but better them than my fingers!!!

These cards are the result of looking through the rubbish bin in the "craft room" for something I was missing!! Out came all these little bits and pieces and I started sewing them on cards. Not my idea of course but I did get to thinking that these cards would be a nice idea to make with the scraps from garments etc made. My mum has often said that she wished she had kept a scrap book of the many (and there have been thousands) garments she made. I thought these kind of cards could be made with the scraps and collected.

Other Stuff.....
* A few hassles at Uni have meant that I have dropped one unit for this semester. It now means I will finally finish a semester later however gives me more flexibility and the potential to not be so stressed and therefore a nicer person!!

*Delicious Indian food last night at a restaurant with all my family...except my two sisters who are too far away.

*Kids are settled into to school. Had "getting to know you interviews" with the girls' teachers...that lasted all of 5 minutes!!! Not that much learnt from either side really. Though both teachers at their suggestion are happy for me to come into the classroom to watch and learn and one of them told me to "tell me if there is something new I should be doing".

*Have cleared our study etc to cater for the use of 5 computers!!! Marcel works from home now (when not travelling) and needed some more space. It really meant me clearing away my sewing stuff!!! Which I will have less time to do as I need to study.

*Still debating the whole extension (obviously we really need it now)issue!! Many suggest we should move. Looked in the paper at some "potential" places then looked them up on the internet. Of course they all sounded better than they looked!!!

And finally a playdough creation!!! Just love those colours.


jellyhead said...

Whew, you're such a busy, productive woman! Love the pot-holders, and the cards are a great idea.
I'm glad you've planned your studies so you won't be as stressed...I've always thought studying whilst mothering sounds like a delicate balancing act, so not going at it TOO hard seems sensible.
Hope you have a really good week!

Flossy said...

Those cards are too cute!
Glad you are managing to balance your studies with the rest of your life - like Jelly said, it seems sensible to take it a little easy.

Hope you are having a great week :)
hugs xx

Kerri said...

I guess your hands are always busy! Very Sweet cards (great idea) and nice pot holders. Very practical of you to use up scraps for the cards.
I hope you find enough time for your studies and don't get too stressed trying to keep up. It sure is a challenge. You have the determination to do it so I'm sure you'll do well.
Best of luck!

Val said...

The potholders made me think of when I was a kid in the 50s, and my sister and I would make potholders on a square metal frame with "teeth" to hook cloth loops on in one direction, and then weave loops through them in the perpendicular direction. Anyone see those lately, like the last few decades?? But your potholders are much more elegant looking. The cards are adorable!

chest of drawers said...

Where are you??? Hope everything´s OK:
Hope to see a new post soon!