Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend List!!!

This post has been in the draft box for ages!! Written on the 5th of March...two weeks ago!!!

I think it is better to write a list of things accomplished after the weekend rather than writing one before and getting peeved only a third got done!! So this is what I got up to: Starting with Friday night!
**Sewed some pouches and pillows to sell next week.
**Cleaned..a bit!!
**Made some fitted sheets for Luca's daycare..this way I get out of the Sat. working Bee!!
**Had friends over for dinner....bbq with some of my fantastic salads!!
**Went to a market on Sunday to look.
**Bought a "big" tree to plant in the hole I dug two weeks ago. It will grow big enough that we wont be able to see our "great" neighbours!!
**Planted above tree!!
**Marcel and I emptied 3 compost bins and took out the good stuff and put the rest back.
**Found 4 baby mice (eyes still closed) and the mother was not to be found. Kids played and "looked after" the babies all afternoon. We put them back in the compost in the hope their mum would find them......someone did as they were gone the next day.
**Edged a garden in some funky corrugated iron.
**Planted some more plants I bought.
**Relaxed with a beer at 3pm!!
**Ate leftovers for lunch.
**Had sandwiches for dinner.
**Packed a "welcome to Australia" hamper for friends from Switzerland who arrived in Syd. last night. They will spend a week there and come to us the following. Marcel will see them tomorrow so will take the hamper...full of wine, beer, chips, tim tams, fly spray, mossie repelent some more food stuffs oh and some colouring books for the kids.

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