Friday, March 17, 2006

"Where are you?"

Yes Claudia I am has just been pretty crazy a good way!!! Thanks for your message.
I will just list things!!

**Had a lovely w/end in Sydney last weekend.
**On the drive there I managed to pay the toll and amongst all the witches hats get myself OFF the M2 and then thought I was getting back on in the right direction and was at the toll again (only a few meters) and heading back to Canberra!!!! Lots of swearing but I found my way!!
**Caught up with our good friends from Switzerland. Thomas and Marcel had to work a bit so Patrizia and I entertained the 5 kids.
**Stayed in an apartment at McMahons Point.....views of bridge, opera house etc etc (company paid).
**When I was a kid "Luna Park" was huge and so much fun. Now I am an adult and a parent, it is tiny and a total rip off!!! But the kids loved it so that was the main thing.
**5 kids does not allow for any shopping in Sydney!!!
**Patrizia and her two kids have been here with us for the week as the men are still in Sydney.
**In my next life I will marry a woman!! With two of us in the is always tidy...dishes are done...and she too can bath 5 kids and not once ask for help!!!!!!
**My Uni is pretty full on. I am "over" my Study of Language course but still have 10 weeks of listening to the sounds of words and working out where in the mouth they are produced!!! Words like bleached and blocked actually have a "t" sound at the end.
**Had a bit of a working bee here one day. A girlfriend did quite a bit of painting outside me and mum was a whiz in the garden and then I ordered 6 cubic meters of pine chips to cover some gardens. I wanted to do it all while Marcel was away, you know that whole surprise thing!! Lesson learned!!....never do anything that requires lots of heavy muscle when the heavy muscle is absent!!!
**Off to the coast this weekend as we have a long weekend here with our Swiss friends. Looking forward to getting in the surf before the cool weather.
**Will try and post more regularly!!....and with pics...thik we need a new camera!!!


Kerri said...

My Lord, girl, you've been busy, and sounds like you've been having fun too. How do you fit everything in? Hope you have fun on your weekend away with your friends and all the kids...a nice rest!! Do you ever get a rest with kids?

chest of drawers said...

So jealous that you spent time in Sydney!!! Wish I could jump in the car and visit family and friends for the weekend too. Glad you´re OK.

jellyhead said...

Hi Shelly - I'm relieved to hear you are OK...I thought maybe you'd become completely submerged under kids, husband, studies, family, friends, and might never surface for breath again!

Sounds like you've had fun with your visitors. Hope the surf was great!

Flossy said...

Glad to see you back! Like Jelly, I thought you had become snowed under - well you have been busy!

Sounds like a full, happy life at the moment :)