Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cool Autumn Nights

oh yes....after the long HOT summer it is so nice to finally feel a cool change happening. Just a few degrees drop in temp. and I have found my slippers and dusted them off!! I have finally been able to make soup...I LOVE making soups!! I made Kumura and Red Lentil that was a recipe from Peasoup which was really yummy and ALL agreed!!! Of course it is not that cold really. If we were at the other end of winter and had temps like these we would be in barely anything and eating salads!!

I am very keen to also take part in "Use what you have month" suggested by Simple the point I would like to make it a lot longer!!!! Anyway I went to Mums yesterday to get me and the kids out of the house to allow Marcel some prep. time for his course he is giving in Kuala Lumper this week. Shay took along her little machine and asked Mum if she might have some scrap fabric she could use...not that I don't have any....I thought it would be fun to go through Mums!!! I went armed with two small duvet covers that I wanted to cut up and make into a quilt for Luca (this is where the "use what you have" comes in.....i took the liberty of using what Mum had too!!!). Typical me...I just started chopping and already sewing things is to be a work in progress!!! Not even sure if i have enough bits yet!!!

"Use what you have month" will have to start in April for me!! Went to Spotlight today as it was the kids who wanted things. Shay wanted some polyfill as she wants to make some pillows and Zoe wanted some "plain" wool (not all textured and fuzzy like I have) because she is into making "Mexican Stars". Of course I couldn't leave without some fabric for me......!!!

Of course I should be spending some time studying but it is this time that I really get the urge to make things. So already this weekend I have knitted one scarf and made 4 bags....oh and the start of the quilt.

Oh and this is what I made a few weekends ago!! Marcel made a fantastic bolognaise on Sat. night using one of my jars of sauce made from our own homegrown tomatoes!!!

I hope the seasons are changing nicely for you....where ever you are!!


jellyhead said...

You made me smile, talking about how you've leapt at the chance to make soups, etc, in the slightly cooler weather - because I have made 2 roast chooks and 1 roast lamb in the past 3 weeks! Finally it wasn't too stinky hot to have something roasting in the kitchen!!

jorth said...

That sauce looks good!

chest of drawers said...

I am so jealous of your wonderful aussie climate. I really miss the long hot summers back in Sydney...we have had 6 months of winter and it´s finally warming up - slowly. This morning I woke to 4°...the warmest it´s been since last november. Plenty of soups cooked around here! How did you make that lovely looking tomato sauce???

Surfing Free said...

Yay! Bring on winter! I love the cold weather and soups are one of the best bits.
You are so productive!!

Suse said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the soup2.

That sauce looks sensational.

Kerri said...

Making soup is definitely one of the best things about cold weather. It's a feel-good thing! That tomato sauce from your homegrown tomatoes looks delicious. I can (bottle) tomatoes from our garden too. I use them to make the spaghetti sauce, or whatever for myself and the kids when they're home. I made sauce once a long time ago, but my hubby is not a tomato eater (bummer) so just plain old canned tomatoes works better for me.
Now I feel like eating some homemade spaghetti sauce! Maybe I'll have that tonight and give Ross a hamburger!