Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Use What you Have Month.

Well I have decided to take part in this with regard to craft...BUT...I am going to take it a step further....I want to try and USE ALL that I already have this month. Like what you ask???

**The 4 packets (probably more)of opened pasta at the bottom of the cupboard.
**The 8 cans of beetroot that hubby bought on special.
**ALL the black bananas that fall out of my freezer when I open it!!
**ALL those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner that we "collect" from hotels and accumulate at the bottom of the bathroom cupboard.
**EVERYTHING that is in my freezer.....I don't even know what is in there....and I only have a small one at the bottom of the fridge!!
**THe kids can do craft with all the BITS......before they are ALLOWED to use anything that is new or unopened!!
**And as for my craft stuff...well 1 month is not enough....we could do this for a year!!!


Kali said...

hahaha...geez can I relate! Well said :)
p.s. Your Luca is such an adorable 'lil munchkin!

chest of drawers said...

Fantastic! I think the freezer will be next after my wardrobe. It´s much easier to keep this up knowing others are on board too!

Kerri said...

Have fun with that goal! Ha! It's a good thought anyway.
I love the picture of Luca with the kangaroo. So cute!