Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Raining It's Pouring!!

Well not really pouring but a decent amount is falling which we really need of course. It is pretty chilly and I have got my slippers is only 3.45!!!

Luca managed to find all the puddles at school when we picked the girls up. I wasn't like the other mum who kept reprimanding her son when he tried to jump in them....I just let Luca do it. The girls saw how wet Luca was and since we have been home have spent the last 20 minutes playing in the is such a novelty. So now they are ALL in a warm bath...yep it is only 3.45!!! I have got the tomato soup cooking already. At this rate I figure I can have them ALL tucked up in bed at about 5pm!!!...OK 6pm then!!!!


jellyhead said...

What a chilled-out mother you are, letting Luca have a good ol' splash in the puddles!

I'm glad to hear that you sometimes look forward to getting your kids into bed, too. There are days when I just long to have my two scallywags tucked up, and 7 o'clock can't come around soon enough!!

Flossy said...

Bring back early bedtimes! My kids are older now, and don't go to bed until 8.30 :(

I'm kind of over the rain, because I have loads of washing to do, but it keeps getting wet!

Your Favorite Wife said...

Ahhh, rain! We are getting some now. I may not jump in puddles anymore, but I always go out and stand in it. :)

dani said...

that is bloody freezing. the doona is now back on the bed here but no way is it cold yet.

love the echidna