Friday, March 31, 2006

Four Eyes!!

Well I finally went and had my eyes tested today!!! Up until the beginning of semester I had perfect vision......and now I don't!!!!! Things have been looking fuzzy at a distance for awhile, I have been moving further and further down in lectures and as for who was in what movie... I have trouble with the credits too. Oh and as for my night time driving...well that has always been pretty crap!!!

But you know what is funny. I have always (until now!!) liked the idea of glasses....I even wanted to get some funky frames with only glass in them!!! Well I did choose some groovy ones....from the cheaper side of the shop.....I knew they were expensive.....but didn't know how expensive!!! Anyway I will pick them up next week and I look forward to all being clearer!!!!

The other day I called a company and said "Hello I would like some information about getting my house knocked down..." I hadn't realised my two girls were in the room..."Noooooooooooooo...don't knock the house down we want it..NOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOO!!" The woman on the other end of the phone thought it was quite funny as I am trying to placate my children with.."It is OK we would build a new one"....."NOOOOO..we want this one. DON'T knock it down Mum!!!"

Despite what my kids think I am still going to investigate what it would cost to knock down and build again compared to the huge quote we have to extend the house!! Unfortunately we still wont have the funds to build one like this all we really want is something that is bigger than we have and takes advantage of our view!!


Kerri said...

hope you get used to the new glasses quickly. I know it can be hard.
That must've been so funny for the lady on the other end of the phone, hearing the kids protesting :) I hope you can find a practical solution for your dilemma. Good luck!

Alice said...

Yeah, knock it down. Think of all the housework you won't have to do.

Surfing Free said...

Oh, I wish we had just knocked our house down and started again. But once you do some work to the old house it means you have too much money invested in it to demolish ... and now we are spending more money on doing lots of little to middle projects on it. Argh! Knock it down!

jellyhead said...

Shelly, I bet you'll look gorgeous in your new glasses. They will be very handy for peering over the top at naughty pupils, once you start teaching, too!

Flossy said...

I love my glasses! Now I can blog and sew and do all those good things without suffering horrendous headaches!
I hope you love yours too :)

Where will you live once your house has been demolished?