Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Can't think of a title!!

Back from a blogging break....mind you I always have them and don't seem to achieve that much in between. Have been making a few bags....knitting a few scarves....made some of those "heat wheat pillows" too. These I want to sell at the little Craft Market on Thursday. Then I thought I should look up if they require instructions etc etc. Well it appears these pillows have been known to cause house fires and the like. So I thought I should come up with a little handout to go with them.

Wheat Bag

You will need to microwave your Wheat Bag for about 2 minutes.

Please note all microwaves are different, so please "test" it a few times for more or less time to see what works for you. Please use caution when first using it - as it might come out of the microwave very hot. Your wheat bag will stay warm for a couple of hours.
Heating of wheat bags has a fire risk. Never heat longer than 3 minutes and adding oils to wheat bags increases the fire risk. Continual heating and drying of wheat bags increases the fire risk. Always allow your wheat bag to cool before reheating and allow bag to cool on a non combustible surface. Your Wheat Bag is not made to last forever…what is, these days! If you notice a burning smell, smoke, flames….extinguish and throw out. I will be happy to make you another one.

Other stuff...Marcel came back with a fantastic new digital camera from his trip to Malaysia. Actuallyhe bought it Duty Free before he left. I love it love it love it BUT need to do lots of reading to get the most out of it!!

Uni break at the moment, but of course have essays to do!!!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

i remember one of my heat bags also came with the suggestion that you should include a cup of water in the microwave when heating it - this seemed to give a longer lasting heat and (thinking about what you've written) may reduce the fire risk by adding humidity?

Love the succulent. Here via a link from Surfing Free, by the way.

jellyhead said...

You're back! Hi Shelly!

It sounds like you've been getting lots done during your non-blogging spell...maybe I should have a break too, and actually achieve something around this house!

I love your wheat bag instructions regarding the 'burning smell, smoke, flames'!!!!

Have a good day, and a happy Easter!

Kerri said...

I'm curious about your new camera Shelly. What brand, how big is the zoom, etc.? Lovely pics. I'm still learning about my little PowerShot and loving it.
I can understand that you'd have to take a break from blogging while studying at uni, raising three kids, and all the other stuff you do!!!