Friday, April 14, 2006

"Social Night"

My hockey team had a social night at one of the coaches house (he lives with his parents in a gorgeous house)....anyway I came home laughing and crying to Marcel about how OLD I feel!! Look I had a fun night....we chatted,ate sausages and watched "Shaun of the Dead"...a Zombie Comedy. Now I have never watched a Zombie movie before...thankfully this was quite funny though...gory though!! I found out some of the team were in the same year as my sister (no not this one) which would make them two years younger than me. My other sister which makes them thirteen years younger than me!!! And the coaches are younger than that!!
I have to say it was nice not talking about "kids". There was lots of "talk" about the next "Bar Rally" and the outfits we should ALL wear.The Theme is South Pacific...Someone came up with sailor outfits rather than coconut bras!!You know as much as I crave to be younger...I just don't think I can fit into that "drink as much as you can etc" night out.....ALL I can think about is the hangover (which get far worse with age I have found)...the next morning and my three kids jumping on the bed at 7.00AM!!!!


Franny said...

My kids jump on the bed at 6am! And I hear ya on the hangovers. One drink and I am ruined the next day.

But you should go for the coconut bra just because you only live once.

Tanya said...

Awwww, come on. You've just gotta toughen up!

Alice said...

Tanya will show you how to survive the hangover.