Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blog Anniversary + 100 things!!!

How crap am I ..I even miss my 1 year Blog Anniversary!! I could have taken the opportunity to really celebrate. Had a party and invited loads of people who have no idea I have a blog!! I guess I am amazed that I have kept ot going so long. So to celebrate and maybe expose a bit more of myself that hasn't been said before...I give you 100 Things about ME!!!
100 things.

1. I am not very good at lists
2. I think I am taller than I am.
3. I am pretty short.
4. I like to say I was born in Victoria (I was!) even though I grew up in Canberra
5. I am the oldest of four.
6. I was going to be a nurse
7. I am really squeamish
8. I have a phobia about eyes…only when there is something wrong with them.
9. My children have had more than their fair share of conjunctivitis and I have developed excma under my eyes….just to add to my phobia…now I wear glasses.
10. I became a Florist.
11. I think I am quite good at it.
12. My first car was bright yellow
13. I left Australia at 21 with a one way ticket to England.
14. Essentially to get away from a boyfriend.
15. I returned two and a half years later.
16. I stayed 8 months and left again on another one way ticket.
17. I was a Nanny to 3 girls in England.
18. I was a Nanny to a 4 year old and 18month old twins and their highly strung valium dependent mother in Florida.
19. Now that I am a mother I understand the whole valium thing…not that I take it…yet!!
20. I worked for three months at McDonalds in England.
21. I ate their food everyday….and will still eat it.
22. I refused to say “Would you like fries with that?”
23. I hitchhiked my way across Canada.
24. With an Austrian girlfriend I met in New Zealand.
25. We were stupid, lucky and I would never do it again.
26. We met some very interesting people.
27. We camped in an orchard and “thinned” apples for two weeks. We ate one hot meal in that time and never had coffee!! We earned a lot of money.
28. I had to drive a little van around London to hotels to make their floral arrangements.
29. I passed the security clearance to do the flowers at Buckingham Palace. I left before the big event.
30. I met my husband on a bus in New Zealand.
31. He is from Switzerland. I am now Swiss too.
32. We spent 3 months together over a period of 18 months and then got married.
33. Then we learnt to live together!!
34. It was my idea that we live in Switzerland for the first year.
35. We lived there for seven and a half!!
36. I can speak Swiss German.
37. Though am losing it as I don’t use it…though still understand it.
38. We lived in a very old house where the bathroom was outside!
39. I didn’t care who saw me run naked from the bathroom to the house.
40. I would love to learn Spanish.
41. I love really bright colours.
42. Though there is a particular light blue that I am in love with.
43. I was 29 when I had my first baby.
44. I do enjoy being pregnant.
45. I was lucky to have easy births (still painful though!!)
46. The longest was 4 hours.
47. I swear a lot during labour.
48. My Swiss doctor thought it was funny.
49. I went home 2 hours after my last baby was born.
50. 6 days later he was sick and we spent 8 days in hospital.
51. It was all about him.
52. I produced so much milk I only ever breastfed from one side at a time.
53. I breastfed my children until they were 13, 16 & 19 months.
54. I have loved staying home with my children.
55. I am never bored.
56. I have too many things going on.
57. I can potter around my house all day and it is still a mess at the end of the day.
58. I am very resourceful.
59. With craft and cooking.
60. I think I am a good cook.
61. I only cook things that I like to eat.
62. I am not a fussy eater.
63. I rarely use recipes to cook with.
64. When I do, I never follow it exactly. I always add something else.
65. I love reading and looking through cookbooks.
66. I love Champagne …..Or sparkling wine!!
67. I cannot stand sweet wine or dessert wines.
68. I love beer too on a hot day or with pizza.
69. I drink lots of coffee and never finish a cup. It goes cold before I find where I left it.
70. Unless at a Café or someone else’s house. Then I relax and enjoy the whole cup.
71. I like to get up early and have the whole house to myself.
72. I can fall asleep anywhere! Anytime especially if it is dark.
73. I don’t like to go to the Movies after 9pm because I usually fall asleep.
74. Within two minutes of getting into bed I will be asleep.
75. I don’t get much reading done because of this!!
76. Once I stop breastfeeding I return to being a very heavy sleeper!!
77. I am studying to be a teacher.
78. I think I will be a good one.
79. Kids seem to like me.
80. I have played hockey since I was seven.
81. I would love to play tennis
82. I would like to play golf when I have more time….I really like it.
83. I don’t iron anything. Except stuff I am sewing.
84. I shake the clothes straight.
85. I like driving.
86. I have passed three driving tests in three countries.
87. I own seven pairs of pink shoes.
88. I love shoes.
89. I am never late for appointments.
90. I was like this before living in Switzerland!!!
91. I have been a telemarketer in Canada….my accent proved a problem..
92. I like to knit
93. On big needles.
94. I am an impatient person
95. I never wait in long queues.
96. I can read a map quite well.
97. Yet have a real problem with left and right.
98. I like gardening.
99. I just don’t like maintaining a garden.
100. I am finished!!


Alice said...

I'm pleased to meet you. I feel that I don't know you at all

Did you say that you are a good mum - and that you learned it from your mum - ha,ha.

Are you going to do another 100 about all the things I really don't know about you? Bet you won't.

blair said...

So fun to learn more about you! Happy Blogaversary, one year is big!

jellyhead said...

That was very amusing and enlightening! Shelly, you have lived a lot so far...and you sound like such an upbeat, down-to-earth person. I'd love to have you over sometime for a glass of champers, to celebrate your 1 year blog-anniversary!

Tanya said...

Hey, congrats on a year. Have you done 100 posts as well?

I have tagged you for a meme. Have told everyone else that they don't have to do it if they don't want to. But you do :)

Surfing Free said...

I never wait in queues and I never follow recipes either! I think those without those two things on a list you can never call yourself and impatient person ;)

(Thanks very much for your comment wishing my sick daughter well. She's fine now.)

Val said...

I was quite agog when I started reading your list of 100 things (how can she do that??). You have cheated, of course, but quite cleverly.

Knowing Swiss German is quite esoteric, I'm impressed.

Kerri said...

I'm impressed with Val's word (esoteric) :)
It was fun getting to know you a little better Shelly. If you are Swiss, can you vote in Australian elections?
I'm a huge advocate for breastfeeding. Good on you for continuing with it for so long.
You're a very adventurous person by the sound of things. I like the way you think :)

dani said...

oooh lots of interesting info!

besonders, dass du deutsch sprichst.

what is it about aussie women marryign germans and swiss guys? i know about 10 couples like this.

herzlichen glückwünsch zum deinen bloggie geburtstag!

Zoe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your children's names are adorable ;)! I think that we must have the same blogging anniversary. I better get on celebrating mine!! :)

I am envious over a few things in your post!! Easy deliveries . . . lots of milk!! Not fair! LOL!

Cheeky Beaks said...

No 83. was my fav. I so relate.

Peggy said...

Well Happy 1 year blogging!
Liked your list too

Zoe said...

Shelly - as you can see, I got my idea to celebrate my anniversary from you!! I just didn't have 100 interesting things to say about myself!! LOL!

nichola said...

Great list!