Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taking a Break

Taking a break from writing a very boring essay that is really doing my head in!!!

Thanks to all of those who left nice comments about my 100 list!! I guess it does read that I have done quite a bit even though I left off:
101. White Water Rafting
102. Canyoning
103. Bungee Jumping
104. Skydiving
Oh the things you do when you are young!!

So currently I am wishing I could be sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening....even cleaning!! However need to make myself another coffee...take a few deep breaths...repeat to myself...discipline, dedication, organisation...Just get the bloody essay done!!!!!!


jellyhead said...

Hope you got the essay over and done with, Shelly-of-the-Action-Adventures!!

Flossy said...

And just think how good it will feel when you have finished!!

I'm back from my little break now by the way :)

Hugs xx

Zoe said...

I like your pictures. What is your essay about? I know, I think that I would rather clean the toilet sometimes then do something that is more important!! Good luck!

Surfing Free said...

Good luck with the essay! I remember those days well, yet I still want to go back to Uni for more of it. Madness!

dani said...

this wool is fabulous!!!

Kerri said...

What great pictures! You are a good and disciplined person! Better you than me. Ack! Hope you got a good grade. You deserve a medal!