Monday, May 29, 2006

Not really hard!

It isn't hard to post a post is it!! No really I think it is pretty easy...even uploading a photo with it, is quite simple and doesn't take too much time!! Then WHY can I not seem to manage it more often???? And then when I finally do - I make it a short quick post unstead of unleashing all the things that are actually going through my mind. But you know what, I am not going to make this a huge post about all things deep and profound. No I am uploading a photo of some buttons (probably blurry)and going to get back on with the huge amount of Study I have at the moment. One more week to go and one exam and then me and the kids are going to inflict ourselves on two of the nicest people in Queensland for 3 weeks!!! How lucky we are!!


jellyhead said...

I know what you mean about posting - sometimes it feels like just one more chore in a busy life of many chores!

Good luck for your exam!

Tanya said...

And who are these people? May I meet them?

Val said...

First off, the photo of the buttons is not blurry, and they look quite jolly in all their colors.

Second, you have written something that we can all relate to. The mind does seem to think of good things to write about when it is least convenient. You think you have the perfect post material and then it vanishes by the time you sit down in front of the computer. But it's better to have had the thoughts in the first place, and anyway you are way too busy to spend time on blogging now. Get back to your studies!

Tanya, you silly girl - tee hee!

judypatooote said...

Beautiful picture of your buttons, it's not blurry or anything....and between you and me, I prefer shorter posts....some are far to long and drawn out...... I'll have to remember

Surfing Free said...

I love buttons so that picture is worth a thousand words to me :)

Flossy said...

I think your button pic is very cute!
And yes, who are these nice people? I know it's not me LOL (not because I'm not nice either!)