Friday, May 19, 2006

Space for the Roos!!

The new camera makes them look closer than they are...but they are outside our backyard!!! I need to look at photos like this and out the back to make me remember why we live here...instead of a bigger house that would mean SPACE for everyone and everything!!! I know the view isn't everything.....but the thought of a bigger house with a tiny backyard and enclosed by fences, where the only sky you see is when you crank your neck right back and look straight up.....just doesn't appeal!!! And yes I know I am better off than a lot of people and I should be grateful and yes I know that if I had more space I would have to clean more and yes I know that if I had more space I would keep it as messy as I keep the place now and Yes I know that if I had more space I would be yelling louder from one end of the house to the other would just be really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plans are still in the pipeline to extend. Don't think we will go with the plans we had drawn up or the builder, who after giving us a really high quote said he would get back to us about where he could cut costs......but never did!!!!!!!


Flossy said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel - on all counts!!

Oh well, do what I do, and look ahead to when the kids have left home! LOL

kimbofo said...

Ooooh, that pic is making me feel homesick!

jellyhead said...

You have roos just beyond your back fence??! What a fabulous spot you must live in.
Maybe in the not-too-distant future you'll find a builder who gives a better quote. When we extended, we found from 5 quotes, there was a $50,000 difference between the lowest and highest quote (and no, it wasn't a huge job in the first place).
And in the meantime you can comfort yourself with knowing the cleaning IS a real pain once you extend!!

chest of drawers said...

Yes, you need to find a new builder, someone who can bring that sense of space you have outside, inside.

dani said...

wow, lucky you!