Thursday, May 11, 2006

socks and stuff

No of course I didn't knit this sock...I have never knitted socks before. Though I wouldn't mind trying. These are ones ordered from my Mother-in-law. But how cool is this wool...self patterning (is that a word??)!! And oh so warm!!!
Other stuff in the shells and beans house....
*Luca is happy filling his trousers with marbles!
*Shay is angry that I can't show her how to do those "scoobie" things..I have no idea how so thought I would show her a Macrame way....bad move!!!
*I have missed my two hockey trainings this week because I couldn't be bothered!
*I have been paired with a lovely 18 year old boy for one of my Uni assignments...lucky me!!!
*Another assignment I am paired with someone I know (my age also 3 kids)...we really do not think the same!!!
*It is Mothers day this weekend....I have been called to work as a Florist again for a couple of days.
*Marcel just had to retrieve one of Lucas marbles from under the sofa....he is now vacuuming the living room!!!
*Will get Luca to do this more often!


Alice said...

All that brain-washing of Luca really paid off, didn't it?

No good me trying to show Shay those scoobie things - I don't even know what they are.

So how come Zoe didn't get in on the act too?

Flossy said...

Sounds like a fun time in your household :)

So do you get to celebrate Mothers Day, or do you have to work?

jorth said...

Lovely sock!

jorth said...

Oh, by the way, I posted the chickpea recipe up for you. Enjoy!

Flossy said...

Hey Shelly, I'll make a deal with you - we'll visit each other over winter and just not talk about sport ok? (Hockey ugh!) LOL

Kerri said...

Regarding Luca: Better marbles than poop :) Good trick for getting the vacuuming done! That man of yours is exceptional!
Fabulous socks! Kylie uses that self-pattening yarn to knit socks. It's great. So your MIL is a knitter?
You'll have to clue us all in on those "Scoobie things" :)

katie said...

I hope Marcel didn't lose ALL his marbels - he'll need them. scoobies are a waste of time - there I said it - show her hwo to do something real and not too plastic! take care