Thursday, June 08, 2006


A photo taken by the kids!!

In two hours I have an exam.....if I don't know it NOW...I still wont get it in two hours!!!! Things to do with Morphemes, Syntax, Derivational Morphemes, Intransitive Verbs, Verb Complementation patterns, subcategorisation frames, phonological analysis, phrase structure trees and so much more!!!!.......I just want to teach little kids to speak English!!!!

After this exam I am free to pack and get organised for our 3 week trip away to Brisbane and Townsville. Hopefully I will be able to gather loads of energy to return to life here as a single mum!! Marcels work now requires him for a very long time in Malaysia so far until the end of September. He comes back occassionally but there is a 6 week stint away. No I am not happy about it at all so will use the time away to work out ways to make our lives run smoothly with a HAPPY mum running the show.


jellyhead said...

Hope your exam went well!

It will be hard with Marcel away, but I'm sure you'll get into a routine that works. And hopefully you can save yourself some 'down-time' in the evenings!

dani said...

Good luck with the exam!

Soak up all the energy you can from the warmth and beauty of the Far North - recharge your batteries and I hope you can face the reality of being a single parent and all that that entails in a better light. Not an easy task I'm sure. Sorry to hear your man is away so long. Apart from the help he adds around the home it's so much more that you miss when your loved one isn't around.

happy holidays!!!

kath red said...

hi shelly
just dropping in to give you a message - but saw this post and sending my good vibes your way. yuk is all i can say about this situation. yuk yuk and i hope you get through it

my message was to tell you about my fabric clean up but you are off to brisbane so won't be around to get this stuff.

have a great holiday

Zoe said...

I hope that all goes well. Or went well I should say! I don't even know what you are talking about!! I must be an english idiot!! LOL!! How awesome for you to be doing this.

Samantha said...

Hoope your exam went well.

Belated Good Luck!