Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On Holiday!!

On holiday with the kids and having a wonderful time. Now with my sister in Townsville (Far North Queensland) and prior to this we had a week with my best friend in Brisbane. This is what we have been up to and enjoying.
*Warm weather!! see my mum for what we would have been experiencing at home!!
*Nicky lives right opposite New Farm Park with the most amazing adventure playground and so we spent many hours there including picnics and a bbq.
*Cathing the Ferry everywhere!!! I forgot the car seat for Luca so we either walked or caught the ferries.
*Saw the Movie "Cars". Will there ever be any kids movies made with real people?
*Cappucinos and Babycinos everywhere!!
*"Out of the Box" Festival for kids 3-8....How fantastic!!
*Good food...good wine...really good champagne!!
*Warm weather!!
*Long chats with my dearest Friend!
*Not using the Internet for 10 whole days!!!!
*Watching the kids entertain themselves with really not much!! Books, Pencils, Sketch books and watching Luca make amazing things out of 8 sticklbriks (mean mum to only pack 8).
*Reading a whole novel "The Food of Love".....wonderful!!
*Reading loads of Nicky's fantastic Cookbooks....I am feeling very inspired.
*Now enjoying time with Tanya and finally seeing where she lives.
*Admiring all her wonderful quilts that look SO much better in person than in photos.
*Using the gorgeous quilts.
*Warm weather!!
*Also looking forward to Sunday, when after three weeks we get to see Marcel who will join us for a week and then go back to Malaysia.

Will post again and with some photos too.


dani said...

oh lucky you, sounds wonderful. enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

chest of drawers said...

Sounds wonderful! I will be in Townsville myself in about 3 weeks! Can´t wait!

Alice said...

Sara has asked me to warm the weather up before she gets back from Europe, so it will be okay for you to return as

Glad you're having such a great time. Enjoy your week with Marcel. Say "Hi" to him from his best mother-in-law in the world.

Anonymous said...

What a holiday - soak it up! I'm off to Wang to soak up delights of Textiles Fest. and Wineries for 5 days (taking a friend. Tanya's quilting is amazing - hope she continues to enjoy - as I think I introduced her to it! Cold here but not as severe as ACT.
Love - Rita

jellyhead said...

Hi Shelly!!!

I'm so glad to hear you're having a lovely time - you sure deserved it!

Zoe said...

How fun?! I love it when kids entertain themselves . . . go figure!! LOL!

How did you do on your exam?

Flossy said...

Hey Shelly - glad you had such a great time in brissie, and are enjoying your time up North too.
Look forward to seeing some pics of your fabulous holiday!

Take care xxx