Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lazy day.

Gee I love texture!!! I could go around all day capturing close ups of texture in nature!!

School holidays here and I am doing the single Mum thing. Marcel will be back next week for four days...yippee!!! Last night the girls discovered Skype chat and were typing really cute messages to Marcel while he was working and adding lots of emoticons and rushing to tell me what ones Papi had sent them. We are having a nice holiday, sleeping in and being lazy. Today I was hanging out the washing and couldn't believe it was 1pm....where had the day gone? We have just come back from a rugged up walk to two playgrounds. Shay will have calluses on her hands after her determined efforts at the monkey bars!! I do like school holidays and am grateful that my kids do not need to be expensively entertained or demand loads of playdates. I have been able to have a bit of a declutter of most of the house without the kids searching the bags after! One more room to go...the office/sewing room....dreading that one!! But needs to be done before I start back at Uni next week.

OK so this isn't "Nature" but a yummy photo all the same!!


Surfing Free said...

The best school holidays are those when you can just enjoy lounging around the being a kid :) You are lucky that your kids are not screaming 'entertain me!' like a lot of other kids do!

Next year I'll just drop mine over .. ok? Great!

Alice said...

Even I can work out the second photo but what was the first one?

Shell said...

Sounds lovely to me. Often on the weekends I'll get up and then all of a sudden it's afternoon and I haven't done a darn thing! That's what weekends and holidays are for though aren't they? You know, relaxing! Hope uni is going ok.

P.S. about your comment in my blog about moving to Brissy - do it! QUT is a great uni for teaching - I have a few friends there and my mum went there. I hope to study vis arts there next year - fingers crossed.

My float said...

Mmmm, strawberry creams. Yum!
I love that first photo, it's gorgeous.I can practically 'feel' it...

PS. thanks for visiting me today.

Claire said...

Those sweets in the second photo look lovely! I've got a sweet tooth now!