Sunday, July 16, 2006


Well tomorrow Uni starts back again. I am looking forward to new lecture pads and new text books and the whole idea of "Uni". In reality I know that will be short lived as I juggle the whole workload of the three units I am doing, three kids and a husband who is currently away more than here! The units I am doing are Mathematics, IT and Grammar....none of which I am any good at...yet!!!! So will really need to study a lot. Oh and all that study for that exam last semester paid off and I did pleasingly well overall.

We continued our lazy days over to the weekend and a lovely rainy day made staying in PJ's until 6pm yesterday even more cosy. Get this, I only changed into clothes to go out and get Take Away Noodles for dinner!!!!! The kids and I then had a Movie night with Popcorn. We did partake in some creative activities and photos will be shown soon when I can get my camera to work again!!!

Today I launched into a bit of excercise and played my weekly game of hockey. We won 5-0 which was good. Although my heart isn't in it anymore and already feel that I will not play next season. I feel that I need to do something for ME rather than always being part of a team and like the idea of Tennis!!

Other boring domestic stuff...I did manage to clear out the study/sewing room!! I can't believe how good things look when you pin things on the pinboards straight and neat!! I even put a plant in the room - we spend that much time in there we could do with some clean air!! Today I cleaned out the pantry and discovered 5 opened packets of spaghetti, more rice noodles than I know what to do with, loads of boxes of all kinds of tea when we are coffee drinkers!! Party bags from loads of kids' parties containing hard snakes and squashed milky ways. The kids forget about them after the parties which is good. I found Easter eggs and loads of chocolates. I let the kids eat as many Easter Eggs as they wanted in order to get rid of them - they couldn't manage that many!!

So this holiday break has seen my house decluttered and myself prepared (I hope) to get through another semester!


Surfing Free said...

Please come to our house and work your magic in our stuffed-full pantry! I shudder to think what is at the verrry back!

jorth said...

Best of luck with the studies - I'm sure you'll do well.

I tidied out our spice drawer a while back - let me tell you, it was a scary experience!

Lazy cow said...

Hi, I'm here via your comment to Surfing Free.
Lazy weekends are the best - we didn't even leave the house (let alone get out of our PJs) all day.