Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Stage!!

Oh this feels good...I think we have reached a new stage in the parenting cycle!! Yesterday we all went out to a small lake and took Luca's NEW bike. Also need to mention that we are in the process of toilet training (Luca!!) and so nappies did not need to join us on our outing! Luca being the capable rider that he is on his one day old bike was more than willing to join the girls on a ride around the Lake while Marcel and I walked steadily behind! What is so great about this...we were all able to go TOGETHER!!! None of the outings with one wheeling a pram or Luca on his tricycle and only managing to go a short distance or one of us having to push him along or carry him and said tricycle or help one of the girls!!! It was a great walk! And this now means that while Marcel is away I can manage three of them on a bicycle outing!!

Yes, sadly Marcel left for Malaysia this morning for a 3-6 week stint there. Four days home was way to short to have him spread himself evenly between the 4 of us!!

While he was here he had all three kids helping him make a really yummy orange and poppy seed cake that we ate for lunch!!


jorth said...

Wow - sounds like a lovely weekend!

PS Do you want to email me your details, and I'll send one of those Rebecca mags your way!

HORIZON said...

That is such a lovely picture of the girls baking. Hope there wasn't too much mess afterwards. ;)

jellyhead said...

Isn't it good when the youngest becomes...not so young any more!

Love the cooking picture - very cute!

I'm sorry you've been having to do without your hubby. Hope the time flies by until he's home again.

Surfing Free said...

How did you do it? I can't convince Miss E (Four and-a-half) ride her bike with trainer wheels. I would love it if she could!

Three to six weeks without Hubby??! Yikes! Good luck :)

Lazy cow said...

It's a great stage. We're going through the same thing here. It's lovely to watch the kids riding ahead of me and I only have to deal with the dog :-)

slap me happy said...

wish I had had a weekend like that , been hectic here but it's all good. The kids look very happy in the kitchen, hope they enjoyed the clean up afterwards lol

Kali said...

what an exciting time!

Love the pics...too cute :)
and how gorgeous are those blonde curls?!!

heh there something in little Lucas hair in the bottom picture??

Suse said...

Wow, four days isn't much. Good luck for the 3-6 weeks. Hang in there!

Kerri said...

I love the picture of the kids baking. Zoe looks so 'grown up' and experienced in her apron :) It's ages since I've visited! Hope you enjoy your classes this semester and don't have too many distractions. Ha..what could be a bigger distraction than 3 kids? I'm amazed that you're able study and be a mummy too. That's a lot of work!