Friday, July 21, 2006

Odd Ball!!

Any odd balls of wool floating around??? Using two odd balls of wool I knitted this scarf (and have made a few others too). I always use bigger needles and cheat even more by winding the wool around the needle twice on every second row. Then knitting the first stich and letting the second come off the needle. Makes for a "holey" scarf however quickly knitted!!! I then add tassles of one type of wool to the end of the other type of wool in the hope it looks good!!! Which I think it does!


In transit said...

That's beautiful shell!! I like the colour :)

Alice said...

Very stylish and pretty (just 'in transit's' colour - better save it for her). I like your cheat method, too. Who taught you to be so deceptive? Must have been your

jellyhead said...

Very snazzy scarf!

By the way, I found your post on the telemaketer very funny! Your overly familiar telemarketer reminded me for some reason of a very SARCASTIC telemaketer who, after I told him "No thanks, we've almost paid off our house anyway", replied, "Well congratulations; small clap for you (claps audibly in the background); have a nice evening". I was gobsmacked!

Have a great weekend!

slap me happy said...

nice wooly scarf and good use of wool lol.where thehell did my sheep go, probably running off now I have said wooly scarf lol